25 July 2010

Oh me oh my oh my oh me

Today marks the longest I have ridden here in CH. I found a new website that allows people to post routes and I found a real doozy. I have been looking for hills, and I have finally found them. Switchbacks, 70 kmh descents, muscle wrenching ascents. It has it all. Manages to meander through the Emmental region, then briefly into Luzern Canton for a bit, then slowly climbs into the Berner Oberland. Just when you think you're done climbing (because you are doing 70 kmh down a hill), you see a sign that says "road climbs 500m over 5km". And then you cry. It was a VERY beautiful route. At one point I was riding under a "flock" of para-gliders coming down from the mountain. The only problem really was he number of motorcycles, which as it turns out there was a motorcycle rally (Töfflitreff) at the highest point.

And yes, I totally bonked. Seems a pancake isn't enough food to do 100k in the Berner Oberland. In my defense I hadn't planned on going this far. And I swear the altitude map is wrong because at the little dip at about 55km into the ride was where I saw the "500m in 5km" sign.

So beautiful. As well. Wow.

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